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People like to dream big, and this is why project price, duration and quality standards need to be established early.

Stating project priorities is an essential element of project development, approval and financing.

Anticipate reality, by allocating resource margins.

Projects success is measured in results, not false promises.

"Whats least important, should never get in the way of whats most important."

On all project there's two basic types of tasks;

  1. Required tasks - imperative jobs linked to safety of life, environmental protection, vital system function and comfort.
  2. Desired tasks - non-imperative jobs that should be deferred.

Project development, management and completion is like baking a really good pie.

  • Decide what type of pie you need.
  • Formulate a good recipe, purchase good ingredients, secure facilities, skilled staff and perform each task in sequence.
  • Delegate responsibility to team members, while keeping an eye on the entire pie.
  • Perform taste tests along the way and confirm milestone achievements.
  • Manage waste, never add unnecessary ingredients and ensure the temperature and sequencing of everything is correct.